Services offered by Mose Rising

Our workshops emphasise self-care and exploration in a secure and empowered space, fostering personal growth and empowerment. Additionally, the Sunflower Collective Project introduces underprivileged children to green spaces and creative opportunities, helping them develop important life skills and values.

Mose Rising strives to create an inclusive environment, bridge the gap in resources and training, and empower marginalised groups and individuals within the creative industry through its innovative programmes, workshops, and community-led projects.

Group Workshops

Workshops are using evenvings anywhere from 5pm to 7pm starting for 2 hours and or a whole day or 2 during the weekend starting at 10 am to 4pm with breaks and lunch either provided as part of the ticket or otherwise people can bring and get their own.

1 : 1 sessions

One to one’s start at £50 per session and last 45 mins these are online only for the time being.