“I am Mose-Issie, a captivating individual whose transformative journey has led me to embrace coaching and facilitating workshops, empowering others to unlock their true potential. Influenced by an array of exceptional mentors, my own experiences and growth I have fuelled my passion for guiding others on their paths to self-discovery and personal development.”
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From a young age, Mose-Issie exhibited a natural inclination for nurturing and supporting those around them. They possessed a remarkable ability to connect with people, actively listening and offering guidance that resonated deeply. As they navigated their own journey of exploration and self-discovery, they encountered mentors who recognized their innate talents and encouraged them to share their wisdom with others.

These mentors played a pivotal role in Mose-Issie’s development as a coach and workshop facilitator. They provided guidance, shared invaluable knowledge, and instilled in them a profound sense of purpose. Through their mentorship, Mose-Issie honed their skills in active listening, empathy, and creating safe spaces for personal growth.

“We are not liberated until we are all liberated”
Mose Issie
Founder of Mose Rising

What People Are Saying
“I came with a lot of stuff thinking about where I want to be and Mose Issie subtly got to the root, focusing on a really critical turning point for me. I really enjoyed the sessions.”

Mara (House of Sweet Waters)

““I feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity to look more deeply at myself in sessions with Mose Issie! It’s an on-going transformative experience where the conversations always feel so peaceful and safe, I’m constantly reflecting back onto elements brought out and getting hit with new waves of self love. Mose Issie has such a gift in creating space to feel heard, supported and loved”. Melissa”


“Mose Issie is a talented guide, their words and prescience ushered my return to self.”


A brief history of Mose Rising

Mose Rising was founded to address the resource and training gap within the creative industry, particularly for marginalised groups and individuals. Our founder, Mose-Issie recognised the unequal access to opportunities and the systemic barriers that hindered the advancement of these groups. Motivated by a desire to create equal opportunities for personal and professional growth, the company aims to empower individuals who have been historically under-represented.

Mose Rising offers comprehensive training, workshops, and community-led projects as part of its multifunctional media and personal development services. The company’s focus is on fostering inclusivity, dismantling barriers, and inspiring creativity within the creative industry. By providing transformative services, Mose Rising aims to build confidence, promote self-expression, and nurture talents and aspirations regardless of socioeconomic status.

The company stands out for its innovative approach and offers various programmes tailored to address the specific needs of marginalised groups. Examples of these programmes include Solidarity in Sound, which promotes singing as a means of building confidence and self-expression, and Living for the Streetz, which shares the perspectives and experiences of QTPOC to promote understanding and tolerance.